Looking for driving school in Lagos mainland?. RideOnNigeria Driving schol in Lagos got you covered.

Looking for Driving job in Lagos, then you have RideOnNigeria Lagos Driving school and Driversrecruitment Agency.

Driving School In Lagos

At RIDEONNIGERIA Driving School in Lagos, we understand that no two learner drivers are alike. Hence our courses are tailor-made to suite the peculiarity of each student .

So wherther you want to learn just for private purposes or you want to lean becuase you are looking for driving job in Lagos, RideOnNigeria Lagos Driving School is the right place for you.

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Driving School Beginner Package

The applicant can choose between the hours of 8:30am to 5:00pm for two hours each per pay for learning, having two weeks of theory and five weeks of practical session..

Theory Lessons

Mon-Fri (two weeks)


Practical Lesson .

Mon- Fri. (5 weeks) Duration for entire regular Session = Seven (7) weeks

Email: info@rideonnigeria.com


Polish Up Package

Polish-up Package is for persons who are already driving or persons who do not have a driver license, or persons who need to refresh their memory and skill on driving.
This package last for three weeks. It often done during regular sessions.

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Corporate Package

For further infomation concerning our corporate package please get in-touch with us on info@rideonnigeria.com or 08093341100, to discuss your business and specific requirements. We will then come up with a tailored program to suit your needs.


Ready To Get Started?

Starting your driving lessons at RideOnNigeria driving school in lagos is just a call away. Call , WhatsApp, email us with any of the contact details below.

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RideOnNigeria Driving School Features

Our Lagos Driving School Provide Some Unique Features for our Learners

Drop and Pick Up

We offer our cherished learners the door pick up-Drop service as a way of conveying learners to our driving school at an additional cost.

Weekend Classes

The weekend package is designed for prospective learners who are busy during weekdays.
Classes starts from Friday evening and Saturday with an optional Sunday service


We program our lagos driving school classes to meet busy corporate and individual workers who have tight working schedule.
The special arrangement are tailored to meet schedules of extremely busy individuals

Get Started Today…

Whatever your driving needs are RideOnNigeria Driving School In Lagos got your covered.
Whether you are looking for driving job in lagos or trying to get your driving license or recruit trusted and professional drivers for your personal or corporate driving needs we got you covered on all count.

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RideOnNigeria Driving School In Lagos FAQ

Find answers below to some driving school in Lagos frequently asked questions.

Will RIDEONNIGERIA Driving School In Lagos Arrange for me to get a Drivers License

Yes, we start processing you for your licence right from the day we present you receive your learner’s permit.

Do You Driving School Have A Weekend Programme

Yes, there is a weekend programme that starts at 9AM and end at 4PM. You may call for further information.

Will I Go Through The Theory Lessons?

Yes, Mandated by FRSC that a student driver goes through stipulated topics on defensive driving before obtaining a learner’s permit


I Can Drive Already Can You Help Me Get A Drivers Licence?

Yes we can, but you will have to opt for a refresher training programme. FRSC requires you complete the theory lessons before the issuance of a license.


Can I use My Personal Vehicle for Training

No. The FRSC mandates the school to train with only vehicles that have dual pedals


Can I learn with an automatic vehicle?

We train our students to be versatile with all kinds of vehicles thus we do not encourage training with an automatic vehicles